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commercial cleanning services

We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services catered to your needs that may be specified by you. Cleaning products used are only the most effective, eco-friendly range of products that are sourced from several different suppliers.

commercial cleanning services

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Excellent services that includes competitive price and flexible hours. And we guarantee satisfaction when we provide our services to you.

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Social responsibility

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Implementing first-rate and remarkable commercial cleaning services that are environmentally friendly and to the satisfaction of customers. Our mission is hinged on promoting environmental activism through cleaning of facilities with the use of environmentally compliant products.

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Delivering excellent, flexible, and high-quality services, affordable to our clients. Promoting the culture of using environmentally friendly products for sanitation and cleaning purposes in Toronto.

Commercial cleaning typically costs C$ 0.15 per square foot, with rates typically falling between C$ 0.096 and C$ 0.21 per square foot. The average cost of commercial cleaning is approximately C$ 103 per hour, with prices typically falling between C$ 68 and C$ 137.

In short, we can say that the average price of commercial cleaning services in Toronto is as follows
The typical commercial cleaning price per square foot is C$ 0.15 in Canada.
Hourly rates for commercial cleaning typically cost C$103.
But to know the exact price of commercial cleaning for your business, you can call: 416-893-0719

Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning of places that are commercial environments, such as gym cleaning, restaurant cleaning, and of course office cleaning.
This includes services that provide a wide range of techniques, tools & materials for cleaning. Tiles, wallboards, furniture, floors, ceiling tiles, interior walls, window cleaning, lighting, dining and kitchens, basic bathrooms & more are all covered by commercial cleaners.
In short, commercial cleaning could include Cleaning all workplace environments and all the equipment in it, for example, hood cleaning is also a type of commercial cleaning that is under the branch of restaurant cleaning.

Cleaning floor tiles, bedrooms, and bathrooms are just a few of the things a residential cleaning service company focuses on around your house. A commercial cleaning service company can clean offices, structures, or retail establishments. Cleaning someone’s home versus a retail store requires very different techniques. A residential cleaning service company will be much more thorough and detail-oriented. They are better equipped to clean your house because they specialize in the kind of mess you might find in a home

You can anticipate paying a high price for their services because cleaners who actually carry out commercial cleaning typically have more training and experience.
in respect of commercial cleaning, you truly get what you charge for, so it is wise to hire a professional who will treat your company with respect. You should only hire true professionals to clean any commercial spaces because they may contain pricey machinery and sensitive data.

Regular establishments like offices require a deep clean at least once per year. Even if you have a general cleaning schedule, an office can be a haven for various pathogens, viruses, and deadly germs.

You should leave this in the hands of seasoned commercial cleaners. Unlike regular cleaners, these guys will fully comprehend your needs.

A thorough cleaning might include:

• Carpet cleaning with steam
• window cleaning both internally and externally
• Wall cleaning
• sanitizing air vents
• Internal refrigerator and microwave oven cleaning
• Cleaning the Floor
• Remove and Seal
• Eliminating graffiti
• cleaning the tops and interiors of cabinets
• cleaning the window frames
• chair cleaning in offices
• of upholstered office partitions: thorough cleaning

What is Janitorial Cleaning?


Janitorial Cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom and floors in a building block, office, restaurant and other commercial spaces which requires taking care every day is called janitorial services. A Janitor is responsible to clean the restrooms in schedule and at any time that is necessary. For commercial purposes like in a great shopping, the janitors need to do their job according to a plan.
Commercial janitorial service divides in to full-time or part-time service. For a small office, a part-time Janitor would be enough, but for a shopping center it is recommended to hire full-time janitors.

What skills do a janitor need?

A good janitor should be qualified enough to do the job properly. These qualification items include:

  •  Time management: a good janitor needs to know finish the task in pre-specified time. This skill becomes essential when the payment is pursuant to hourly work.
  •  Following the plan: the janitor needs to attend to a pre-prepared plan and orders from the chief of cleaning service.
  •  Teamwork: in commercial janitorial service, employees need to collaborate with each other to maintain the cleaning duties.
  •  Physical strength: a janitors must be able to stand and walk for many hours. They also should have enough power to handle some energy consuming task like mopping.

The skills we just mentioned are desired for having an ideal experience of commercial janitorial service. This job may seem to be easy, but it demands to consider many factors to serve well.

What is the difference between commercial cleaning and janitorial services?

A very important tip in your business that you need to look after is to keep your office clean at any time. Mine that an organized office is critical in your business efficiency.

However, it’s a bit mysterious to find out the distinction of the two-topic commercial cleaning and commercial janitorial services. janitorial services can define as an everyday cleaning which include small tasks. On the other hand, commercial cleaning is an annual cleaning that occur every month or more.

For example, cleaning a carpet with a vacuum cleaner everyday is an everyday task which is a janitorial service. But commercial cleaning includes deeply washing the carpet with a shampoo.

Knowing the difference between the two subjects will help you to reduce your cost and maintain to your goal.

The benefit of Janitorial cleaning is that your office always clean and affect your client experience. It also increases the level of your employee’s efficiency when everything is in range. Depending on your request, janitorial service can be hired every day or every week, while many organizations prefer to choose daily service.

commercial cleaning service

The advantage of commercial office cleaning is that your office cleans deeply and everything become renew. There are some other aspects which include:

  • Window washing
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Surface cleaning
  • Deep floor and stairs mopping

Keep in mind that using both services would be the ideal option overall, thought it might cost you more. Nevertheless, you can manage the balance of the cost and cleanness by understanding the variation of the two.

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